Forest bath in Alingsås

Discover nature in a new way through listening, feeling and looking, during a peaceful walk through the forest. The tour ends at Nolbygård’s ecological bakery and café.

Welcome to a relaxing, meditative tour in the Nolby woods, also called a forest bath. We will not go swimming, but instead we will be taking a mental bath in the woods. During a 1,5 hour walk you will learn to discover nature in a new way and learn new ways to relax and stress down. Research has shown that during a forest bath, stress levels as well as blood pressure goes down and the sense of well being increases. We will be walking in a slow tempo and there is no problem keeping a distance, which makes this activity suitable for all ages. All you need to bring along is a bottle of water, a seat pad and clothes according to the weather – and an open mind.

Wc recommend that the tour ends with a coffee and cinnamon roll or lunch at Nolbygårdens ecological bakery and café.

Duration of tour: 1,5 hours

Price: Ask us for a quotation