Walk around lake Gerdsken

We leave central Alingsås by foot and pass by the beautiful, Stampens mill, along the small river Lillån, to the more modern shoppingmall Vimpeln and the area Sjöstaden. From here we will walk around the lake Gerdsken, passing both wooded area, marshland, meadows and detached areas. Around the lake Gerdsken there are at least 10 swimming areas, with a beach or a jetty, where one can take a swim on There are also rocks to dive from, for the more adventurous type..

The walking tour is around 7 kilometers long and takes about 2 hours to walk, with a few shorter stops. You can bring your own snacks with you or we can end the tour at the lakeside by Vimpeln for lunch or coffee or order a classic fika (coffee/tea and cinnamon rolls) and bring this with us for a break along the way.

Price for the guided tour: ask for quotation